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TexTile* is an all new dec-orative ceiling treatment that can quickly transform a boring or damaged flat drywall or plaster surface into a delightful 3-dimensional texture of light and shadow. Equally at home on a ceiling or a wall, TexTile is reminiscent of the turn-of-the-century pressed metal ceilings without all the installation hassle. The unique design of Tex-Tile eliminates the need for gluing or metal cutting. Panels may be attached to any drywall or plaster surface with special factory-provided push pins which blend into its overall design. Installation requires no special skills or tools. One foot square panels may be easily cut into wallsor around lighting fixture outlets with any household scissors. Made of light weight rigid vinyl sheet, panels are solid color and are highly water, rust, dent, and scratch resistant. Once installed, TexTiles may be left in its inherent finish or be spray painted using any acrylic water-based paint. Special trim ele-ments eliminate the need for accuracy of field cutting at the perimeter. They look attractive with either its own perimeter "J" moulding, or with any ornamental cornice.

Tex-Tiles come with detailed instruction and are classified as an interior finish and, since they are less than 1/28th inch in thick-ness, are exempt from the provisions under Chapter 42 of the Uniform Building Code.

Effective in both new and remodel work, TexTile's 3-dimensional texture can create a focal point of design in any interior space.


  • Residential ceilings
  • Residential walls
  • Lounges
  • Shopping malls
  • Theater lobbies
  • Chain store decor
  • Retail stores
  • Public Areas
  • Tenant improvement
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

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