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For little more than the cost of some acoustical boards you can have a spectacular SpecMetal aluminum panels ceiling.

SpecMetal is available in 16 variations, to excite and delight. Colors range from traditional aluminum, brass or gold to exotic blue, rose, or violet as well as solid black, white, blue, brown, and oxblood. All protected by a baked enamel protective finish. SpecMetal lays into conventional 15/16" or 9/16" grids, which are currently available from the major grid manufactures, in various colors and finishes.

One thinkness, .025" and two sizes, nominal 2' square and 2'x4'. with or without perforations. SpecMetal is incombustible. It's easy to install and maintain and will remain bright for years. When joined with T-Beam both enhance each other to make a unique metallic panel and beam ceiling system.

Traditional and contemporary colored panels offer Designers and Architects subtle or exotically bold decorative statements while maintaining the all important, conservative budget.


  • Lounges
  • Shopping malls
  • Theater lobbies
  • Chain store Decor
  • Retail stores
  • Public areas
  • Tenent Improvement
  • Restaurants
  • Conference rooms
  • Hotels

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