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Standard Modules:
Standard tube finishes:
Standard hardware finishes:
Tube material:
Cable material:
Hub material:
Hub flammability:
Heat distortion temperature:

24", 30", 36", 48", 60"
White, Charcoal
Cadmium, Natural Brass
Roll-formed Aluminum
1/16" diameter Stainless Steel
Glass-filled Thermoset Polyester
Meets UL 94 V-O.
395° F
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Furnish and install CableGrid Ceiling System(#CG-24, #CG-30, #CG-36, #CG-48, or #CG-60) manufactured by Ceiling Designs Inc., and represented by (name, city and phone number of CDI sales representative) in all locations shown on the plans.

Finishes: Tubes shall be in Standard (White, Charcoal). Hubs shall be in Standard (white, Charcoal. Hub hardware shall be in standard (Cadmium, Natural Brass).

Hanging system: Each hub shall be supported from the structure above by means of (#12 Prestraightened Steel Hanger Wire secured to the Hub Loop using three tight wrappings) or (#CG-C Stainless Steel Cable attached securely top and bottom using #CG-S Swedges. (Note to installers: The use of Cable Cutter #C7 by FELCO, and lever type Swedge Crimper tool #32VC-VG by National Telephone & Supply Company are suggested to reduce installation time.) All hangers shall drop pumb to the hubs. Where plumb hangers are not possible, wires or cables shall be evenly splayed, all in accordance with the manufacturer's Installation Instructions.
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